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Jerry’s Smilin’
A Guitar Tribute to The Grateful Dead


Artist: Damià Timoner
Label: Zoho
RRP: £13.99
Release Date: 09 October 2020

Zoho present Damià Timoner's guitar tribute to the Grateful Dead, Jerry’s Smilin’. On this album of 10 songs (50 min, 53 sec), Timoner has created a window for new audiences and generations to discover The Grateful Dead’s music...

Damià Timoner takes the music of The Grateful Dead and, with much love and appreciation for the original material, crafts songs that are beautiful classical guitar pieces in their own right.

In selecting the repertoire, Timoner features pieces by different composers who had been in the band across several decades. And rather than simply replay them as originally written, Timoner takes a little artistic licence. He changes the key of 'Brown-Eyed Women' so he can perform it with more freedom and range. And for 'Ramble on Rose' he lowered the pitch of the 6th (E) string to give the piece more depth and resonance.

Timoner's reworking of 'Cassidy' from the 1981 acoustic live album Reckoning, sees him lower the 6th and 5th (A) strings for more depth - while using a capo to allow for more facility and freedom.

This is an album not just for fans of The Grateful Dead, but also for lovers of guitar music. A wonderfully produced album.

Track listing:

01 - Brown-Eyed Women
02 - Ramble On Rose
03 - Cassidy
04 - Built To Last
05 - Lady With A Fan / Terrapin Station
06 - Blow Away
07 - Loser
08 - Operator
09 - Dark Star
10 - Touch of Grey


Nick Smithson

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