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Yellow Rose
Original Motion Picture Soundtrack


Composer: Christopher H. Knight
Artists: Eva Noblezada, Dale Watson and Lea Salonga
Label: Sony Masterworks
RRP: £13.99
Release Date: 09 October 2020

Sony Music Masterworks releases the original motion picture soundtrack to Yellow Rose. The soundtrack features a mix of newly-recorded original tracks as performed in the film by Eva Noblezada, Dale Watson and Lea Salonga as well as score tracks by composer Christopher H. Knight. The film follows a young Filipino teen as she fights to pursue her dreams of becoming a country performer...

The album contains 17 tracks (31 min, 32) of this, 9 (14 min, 28 sec) are composed by Christopher H. Knight with the remaining 8 (17 min, 04 sec) being songs performed by various artists.

Obviously, it all comes down to whether you're a fan of country music, as the majority of tracks here are country songs. Knight's score is subtle and touching for the most part. But it's one of those scores that washes over you and leaves little impression.

This isn't one for casual score collectors. Only fans of the movie will find much to appreciate here.

Track listing:

01 - Square Peg - Eva Noblezada
02 - Life Out on the Road - Dale Watson
03 - Dahil Sa Iyo - Lea Salonga
04 - Circumstance - Eva Noblezada and Dale Watson
05 - Quietly Into the Night - Eva Noblezada and Dale Watson
06 - I Ain't Going Down - Eva Noblezada and Dale Watson
07 - Yellow Rose - Dale Watson
08 - Are You Priscilla Garcia - Christopher H. Knight
09 - Running Through Hayfield - Christopher H. Knight
10 - We Could Have Used Your Help - Christopher H. Knight
11 - N35 - Christopher H. Knight
12 - Leaving Tita Gail's - Christopher H. Knight
13 - Rose and Elliott - Christopher H. Knight
14 - Rose Leaves Broken Spoke - Christopher H. Knight
15 - They Take Everything Away - Christopher H. Knight
16 - This is Home For Me - Christopher H. Knight
17 - Yellow Rose (Instrumental) - Dale Watson


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