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New York Strong
Latin Jazz!


Artist: Noah Bless
Label: Zoho
RRP: £13.99
ZM 202010
Release Date: 23 October 2020

A valuable part of the New York jazz and Latin music community for the past 25 years, Noah Bless has played trombone with many significant and creative artists. On New York Strong - Latin Jazz! he is joined by pianist and keyboardist Mike Eckroth, bassist Boris Koslov, drummer Pablo Bencid, percussionist Luisito Quintero, and (on two selections) flutist Alejandro Aviles...

On New York Strong - Latin Jazz! Noah Bless offers a little slice of Latin jazz, New York style, and delivers it to the masses so that everyone can enjoy these 8 (39 min, 53 sec) catchy tunes.

While for the most part Bless and his trombone are front and centre, he certainly doesn't hog the limelight. Each musician gets their moment to shine, making the album feel more or a team effort - which greatly enhances the listening experience.

The set begins with Bless’ trombone in the lead during 'Chasing Normal,' an inventive piece that inspires a particularly adventurous piano solo, and concludes with the energetic and memorable 'Sunny Ray.'

In between we are treated to 'Ganga', a first-class example of Latin jazz with Bless matching wits with the strong percussion work of Luisito Quintero. Bless leads an exuberant version of Jobim’s 'Canto De Ossanha' and then is quite boppish on '49th Street.' The ballad 'Ligia,' sees a wonderful trombone-piano duet. 'The Key,' alternates between straight ahead swinging and Latin outbursts from percussionist Quintero. And Bless gives 'Fire And Rain' a melodic and tasteful treatment.

Lovers of swing and Latin jazz will enjoy the subtle and diverse style on offer here. A wonderfully performed and planned collection.


Nick Smithson

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