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Cold Logic


Artist: Sapienn
Label: Sapienn
Release Date: 19 November 2020

Scott Simpson (aka Sapienn) releases his latest self-produced, self-funded LP, Cold Logic. The album contains 7 songs (32 min, 04 sec) and, as with his 2017 debut A Black Sarcasm, he once again pours his heart and soul into the project...

This is yet another engaging and multi-layered release from Sapienn. Very rarely do I review an album and don't find at least a couple of sub-par tracks. Here, Sapienn ensures that every song has the power to be a single in its own right.

From the catchy opening of 'The Pragmatist' to the slow winding down of 'See It Through' Cold Logic is a solid all rounder that never rests on its laurels. 'My Own Wilderness' showcases Sapienn's impressive vocal range.

Well mixed, beautifully performed, this is another winner from Sapienn.


Nick Smithson

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