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Miami Vice
The Complete Collection


Starring: Don Johnson and Philip Michael Thomas
Distributor: Fabulous Films Ltd / Fremantle Media Enterprises
RRP: £69.99
Certificate: 18
Release Date: 20 September 2021

The pulse and the rhythm of a glamorous resort is juxtaposed against the steamy haunts of the drug underworld in this groundbreaking action series starring Don Johnson and Philip Michael Thomas, now fully restored and in high definition on DVD. Enjoy all 111 episodes from all 5 seasons of a show which had an unprecedented fifteen Emmy Award nominations for their first season...

Ah, Miami Vice. When it was first broadcast in 1984 there wasn't anything like it on TV. From the cool fashion, the beautiful sports cars and the electro-pop theme tune by Jan Hammer, viewers were transported into an alternative reality where everything was just so damned cool.

The majority of the episodes centre around drug trafficking and prostitution and the look and style of the show was aimed at a young audience, with music coming from the emerging '80s New Wave culture. In addition several of the featured artists have guest appearances on the show: Phil Collins, Miles Davis, Willie Nelson, Frank Zappa, Sheena Easton and Gloria Estefan. It was also one of the first TV show's to be broadcast in stereo sound.

Of course, revisiting this, it has aged. The fashions are risible at times, but there was a time when it was just so damned cool and if you fondly remember the series from your youth then it's great to watch all 5 seasons (111 episodes) in order.

Extras include: The Vibe Of Vice; Building The Perfect Vice; The Style Of Vice; The Music Of Vice; and Miami After Vice.


Nick Smithson

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