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Artist: Pom Poko
Label: Bella Union
RRP: £13.99
Release Date: 15 January 2021

Pom Poko release their new album, Cheater, via Bella Union. The LP bursts into life with the titular opener on the back of a blast of fractious guitar noise, a thrashing riff and a sweetly sardonic vocal. 'Cheater' laces its serotonin rush with tangy lyrics about dreams and the kind of cheating kid who doesn’t understand why they didn’t get things exactly like they wanted on their first try: thematic motifs that reverberate throughout the album...

Following on from 2019's Birthday, Pom Poko return with their latest LP, Cheater. Overall, Cheater is a more confident, and better balanced collection of indie rock songs.

There's a hint of '90s The Breeders on tracks like 'Like a Lady', while 'Andrew' sounds like a grunge infested The Cardigans song. In fact '90s indie music seems to be where Cheater is most at home.

These 10 tracks (33 min, 02 sec) fly by at an alarming rate. Repeat listens reap rewards as you find segments you may have previously overlooked. I played this so many times over a two week period and each time I changed my mind as to which were my favourite tracks.

It's a rich listening experience and wonderfully produced. While the main vocals will divide some - you'll either find them novel and interesting or annoying - it's certainly a memorable LP.


Nick Smithson

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