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Azure Ray
(20th Anniversary Edition)


Artist: Azure Ray
Label: Flower Moon Records
RRP: £13.99
Release Date: 16 January 2021

Twenty years have passed since Maria Taylor and Orenda Fink released their self-titled debut record as Azure Ray. To mark the occasion, Flower Moon Records think it's an album that needs to be reissued so that Azure Ray's new fans have the opportunity to hear their earlier work...

With a whopping 12 reviews on Amazon (mostly positive) you'd think that the majority of people, over the last 20 years, didn't really give a hoot about Azure Ray's self titled 2001 album. As you can still pick the original up online very cheaply why would you bother buying this new version? Well, for one thing there's a bonus track that hasn't been released before. Also you can buy it on vinyl for the first time.

The album's 12 songs (42 min, 50 sec) rattle along at a fair pace and is certainly a product of its time, feeling slightly dated, but it was never an essential purchase and that fact hasn't changed over 20 years.

While the album is enjoyable enough... it's not particularly memorable and certainly not one that I think warrants a reissue.


Nick Smithson