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Cooler Returns


Artist: Kiwi Jr.
Label: Sub Pop
RRP: £13.99
Release Date: 22 January 2021

Kiwi Jr.'s new LP, Cooler Returns is released via Sub Pop. Check everything at the door and take a peep into the crazy world of Kiwi Jr on this 13 track (36 min, 08 sec) album with punky overtones...

Cooler Returns is a pure ball of energy. Kiwi Jr. are let loose, kicking and screaming their message loud and clear. It's a fresh breath of air and refreshingly upbeat and engaging. It follows on perfectly from their 2020 debut, Football Money.

We open with the infectious 'Tyler' which really gets things off on the right note. 'Undecided Voters' is another memorable and engaging song that is hard to not love. And so the album progresses in a similar vein. As track after track rattles on, each suddenly becomes your new best song on the album.

'Only Here For A Haircut' is one of the album's highlights and one to ease you into the band's sound. It's more an indie rock track than a punk single.

As the album rattles along, you soon realise that the band don't let up for a second. From start to finish this is full on. It's retro sounding in its vibe, while keeping the same quality from track to track.


Nick Smithson

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