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Live at Brixton


Artist: DMA's
Label: Infectious Records / BMG
RRP: £13.99
Release Date: 05 March 2021

BMG releases Live at Brixton (Academy), the second full album by Australian Indie Rock band, DMA’s. The line-up is Thomas O’Dell on vocals, Matthew Mason on guitar and vocals, and Johnny Took on acoustic guitar. They formed in 2012 with the original name, The Dirty MA’s. The release is available as a double album on smoked pink vinyl, CD, and for download...

Track List: 'Feels Like 37', 'Dawning', 'Toon Soon', 'Hello Girlfriend', 'Silver', 'Time & Money', 'The Glow', 'The End', 'Step Up the Morphine', 'Delete', 'Life is a Game of Changing', 'In the Air', 'Tape Deck Sick', 'Play it Out', 'Timeless', 'Lay Down' and 'Your Low'.

A smooth moderate Rock sound with hints of a Big Country guitar feel. There are immediate hooks and melodies which reel you in. It could be described as a warm mix. The live crowd at Brixton Academy is captured well, but doesn’t interfere with your overall enjoyment of the band. In fact, it’s nice to hear some of the crowd joining in with the quieter moments. 'Step Up the Morphine', 'Silver' and 'Delete' are popular sing-along moments. The clear and prominent clean vocals prove to be a perfect match for this music, with no evidence of strain or breathlessness.

It’s equally Commercial Rock, Brit Pop and Indie – although the music is nicely genre-crushing. In other words, many individual music lovers will undoubtedly take to this. If anything, it’s too much of a good thing and begins to lose a little of its wow-factor through diminishing returns. There is energy and melody, with the fun factor turned right up (even though many songs are not jolly). I would call it comfort music. There are no stand-out songs as such, all are equally good and melt into each other, making it an experience to be enjoyed as a single piece. Additionally, there is no padding or time-filling chat; they just get on with it.


Ty Power

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