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Show Me How You Disappear


Artist: Ian Sweet
Label: Polyvinyl Record Co
RRP: £13.99
Release Date: 05 March 2021

Polyvinyl Record Co release the latest LP from Ian Sweet, Show Me How You Disappear. For Jilian Medford, it was a way to fight through her anxieties. Through a haze of tangled, inverted pop, her new truths push their way to the surface...

According to the artist, Show Me How You Disappear is both an exercise in self-forgiveness and an eventual understanding of unresolved trauma. Jilian Medford’s third record as Ian Sweet unfolds at an acute juncture in her life, charting from a mental health crisis to an intensive healing process and what comes after. How do you control the thoughts that control you? What does it mean to get better? What does it mean to have a relationship with yourself?

Given the album's origins it's incredible to note how upbeat, positive and life affirming it is. Bubbly pop inspired works like 'Sword' give way to more mellow, layered songs, like 'Dirt'. This is an album that shifts and changes like the seasons.

It's this diversity that will draw you in. It means that depending on your mood each playthrough will see different tracks becoming more meaningful to you. This is an above average indie album that just keeps on rewarding the listener.


Nick Smithson

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