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Compost Sechshundert
Freshly Composted


Artists: Various
Label: Compost Records
CPT 600-3
Release Date: 19 March 2021

Compost Records release Compost Sechshundert: Freshly Composted, a collection of tracks and songs of the last 2 years. Remix highlights include tracks by Acid Pauli, Kalabrese, Danny Krivit, Ripperton, Siren, Luke Vibert, Arno E. Mathieu. As well as previously unreleased tracks like the aciiiid track 'Phonem' by Swiss artist Godot and a new one by Fred und Luna: 'Säure 2', the album also include new material: Ripperton’s remix for Marsmobil, Mennert meets StriCt remix for Fred und Luna, Carl Gari remix for Marsmobil, Arno E. Mathieu remix for DJ Yellow & Flowers And Sea Creatures...

Dance albums don't come more polished and current as Compost Sechshundert: Freshly Composted. Over the course of these 22 tracks (2 hr, 24 min, 12 sec) we are treated to some of the cream of the crop that Compost Records has to offer.

In amongst the instant classics are slotted previously unreleased tracks and some killer remixes. It's a great way to celebrate the output of the label in recent years and is guaranteed to let everyone know how up to date you are with the latest dance music.

The album pretty much covers all bases - so is pretty much a must buy for those forced to club in their own house over the pandemic.

Track listing:

01. Pablo Fierro - Baobab (7:26)
02. Mr Raoul K & Rancido - Tamale feat. Sona Diabate (8:16)
03. Emilie Nana - I Rise (Danny Krivit Extended Vocal Dub Edit) (8:27)
04. Laolu – Swango (5:53)
05. Felix Laband - Righteous Red Berets (Luke Vibert Remix) (6:03)
06. Web Web - What You Give feat. Joy Denalane (2:13)
07. Ah! Kosmos - It Rains Without You (4:20)
08. Marsmobil - Shadows Of The Inner Light (Ripperton Vocal Remix) (9:10) *previously unreleased
09. Fred und Luna - Säure 2 (8:30) *previously unreleased
10. Automat - Nothing Strange (Acid Pauli Remix) (5:54)
11. Siren - Paradise (Siren Remix) (8:04)
12. Cockroach - Fluffy (Flow Mix) (6:46)
13. Claudio Coccoluto - Funky Now (Trouble Tribal Life) (8:24)
14. Tomasz Guiddo with Nirosta Steel - Go Back (Kalabrese Remix) (7:00)
15. Enzo Elia - Desert feat. Manuel Sirotti (5:40)
16. Al Chem - Fistful Of Snow (4:23)
17. Marsmobil - Eclectic Mystic (Carl Gari Dub Remix) (5:51) *previously unreleased
18. Fred und Luna - Dolcefarniente (Mennert meets StriCt Remix) (8:40) *previously unreleased
19. Godot – Phonem (6:45) *previously unreleased
20. DJ Yellow & Flowers and Sea Creatures - Deep Into Neon (Arno E. Mathieu Clima Remix) (7:48) *previously unreleased
21. Karim Sahraoui - Gang Of Love (Original Mix) (4:14)
22. Marbert Rocel - Always On My Mind (4:23)


Nick Smithson

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