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Universal Hurt


Artist: Frankie & His Fingers
Label: Subfamily Records
RRP: £13.99
Release Date: 26 March 2021

Frankie & His Fingers release their new indie rock album, Universal Hurt, via Subfamily Records. Before Frankie & His Fingers broke up in 2010, the trio of guitarist and singer Frank McGinnis, drummer Sammi Niss, and bassist Adam Stoutenburgh were the stars of a homegrown scene in New York’s Hudson Valley. Universal Hurt sees the addition of Adam's brother, Ryan Stoutenburgh, on lead guitar, bringing Frankie & His Fingers back from the grave...

Universal Hurt is an infectious, upbeat indie rock album that packs a punch. At times I couldn't help be reminded of Bad English. Nowhere is this more obvious on the John Waite-esque 'Cake Heart' and to a lesser degree 'To Die Would be a Great Adventure...'

The songs reference a number of old '80/'90s pop culture including The Golden Girls and The Wonder Years ("Kevin Arnold") which brought a smile to my face. I also loved the cover of this album, which has a ring of Richard Scarry about it.

The band experiments here and there with different sounds. 'W.O.O.', for example. stands out as a little different as it incorporates an electronic element. I'd argue that the best of the bunch is 'Cake Heart' - a memorable and energetic rock track that's hard to dislike.

This really captured my imagination and made me feel the same way I would when I'd buy a rock album in the '90s. Universal Hurt is a well polished collection of classic sounding indie rock tracks.


Nick Smithson

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