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The Space Between My Ears


Artist: Mike Clerk
Label: Wardlaw
RRP: £13.99
Release Date: 26 March 2021

Mike Clerk releases his debut album, The Space Between My Ears, an alternative rock record, which centres around the themes of mental health issues and self reassurance. Formerly the frontman of The Lost Generation, Mike Clerk’s solo story all started with a GoFundMe page. Using the page to gauge interest for some songs he had written and produced at the start of the lockdown, Clerk was astonished by the incredible reaction, with his targets smashed by over 400% in just a matter of days, leading to an exclusive publishing deal with Wardlaw Music...

The singles 'Thoughts of Fools', 'Keep Movin'' and 'The Air in Here' were the first three single releases from The Space Between My Ears. The album's title alludes to the subject matter of the songs, which tackle the various mind-sets of the human psyche.

It's an impressive and wide reaching album that won't disappoint indie rock fans. While 'The Air in Here' is easily identifiable as a standout single, I'd argue that almost all of the songs here could be released as singles in their own right. There isn't a track here that's subpar. Although, the chorus of opener 'Good For Me' seems to be built on the same foundations as 'The Air in Here'. And when you start to get down to the basics, it's surprising how many of the tracks share a commonality.

The Space Between My Ears is an impressive indie rock offering which you'll want to revisit time and time again.


Nick Smithson

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