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Gates of Light


Artist: Louise Quinn
Label: Shimmy-Disc
RRP: £13.99
Release Date: 26 March 2021

Shimmy-Disc releases Louise Quinn's latest LP, Gates of Light, an international lockdown album collaboration between five artists across four cities, three time zones and two continents...

Gates of Light is an odd beast. It starts as one thing and ends as something completely different. It opens with 'Walk On' a '60s inspired song. What then follows are a collection of tracks that are interesting, but rather unmemorable. The transformation happens on the track 'Lullaby', a song that's likeable from the first play through. 'Mary Apocalypse' is a dream pop track that will stay with you. The remaining two songs, 'Damask Roses' and 'In My Dreams' are more reminiscent of folk pop of the '90s.

The two different elements of the album are so at odds with each other that I'm wondering how many people will embrace both parts. While I didn't really get on with the first part, the second part I found quite enjoyable.

It might not have been so noticeable if the tracks had been ordered differently, mixing the two styles to create a more even sounding experience. As it stands it's an above average collection of songs, but it's unlikely that you'll enjoy the entire album.


Nick Smithson