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Artist: Skegss
Label: Loma Vista
RRP: £13.99
Release Date: 26 March 2021

Loma Vista releases Rehearsal, the second full album from Australian Surf-Punk band Skegss. They were formed six years ago by singer/guitarist Ben Reed, bassist/guitarist/vocalist Toby Cregan, and drummer Jonny Lani. The band has enjoyed early success, with their first album My Own Mess reaching No 2 in the Aussie charts. They have sold-out LA’s Roxy Theatre and NYC’s Bowery Ballroom, and played festivals including Splendour in the Grass. Artwork on the album is by Jack Irvine. Rehearsal is described as a thrill ride through modern disillusioned life. This arrives on the tail of their new single 'Valhalla', with Viking-inspired video...

Track List: 'Down to Ride', 'Valhalla, Fantasising', 'Running from Nothing', 'Bush TV', 'Picturesque Moment', 'Under the Thunder', 'Sip of Wine', 'Curse My Happiness', 'Wake Up', 'Savour the Flavour', 'Fade Away' and 'Lucky'.

A smooth bass intro launches us into a fun-filled melody. This is very much the order of the day. It’s Pop Rock, although there is the hint of a Western feel to the guitar in places. The vocals seem to sit somewhere between Indie and Post Punk. There is a definite enjoyment factor, with jaunty Rock which pulls you along for the ride. There is no doubt this is intended as driving music. Crank it up and leave the car windows down; other people deserve to hear this stuff.

The further into the record we get the more versatile and experimental the songs are. However, they always keep that necessary hook. The opening guitar on 'Running from Nothing' sounds a little like 'Wish You Were Here'. This is a good example that even the downbeat lyrics are carried on a musical wave of "happy to be sad" melancholia. The solo has an air of Country about it. Green Day raise their heads a little now and then. One example is 'Bush TV', with its Pop Punk style and self-deprecation. “I need to go away and wait until you miss me.” It’s short and sweet, and definitely single material. But aren’t they all.

Skegss have utilised vintage gear from the 1960s and 1970s, incorporated lyrical philosophies inspired by stand-up comedians, and touched on reflections of romance. This means there is a variety of style whilst maintaining that catchy groove. For example, there is a Hillbilly moderate shindig singsong with harmonica, a galloping theme, a nice acoustic guitar and vocals duo, and harmonica and whistling accompaniments to a Folk Piece.

The vocals are clear and meaningful throughout this collection of songs, making Rehearsal a mixture of all-out fun and tongue-in-cheek naval-gazing. This will appeal to many genre crossover fans, enabling a wider appreciation.


Ty Power

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