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The Loud Minority


Artist: Frank Foster
Label: Wewantsounds
Release Date: 08 April 2021

Wewantsounds release a special edition of late American jazz saxophonist Frank Foster's "classic" LP from 1972 with a 20 page booklet featuring lots of never-seen photos, interview by Dee Dee and Cecil Bridgewater and liner notes by Kevin Le Gendre...

Of all of Frank Foster's album's I wouldn't put The Loud Minority out there as one of the greatest. It's a bit lumpy and poorly structured. It's certainly not up to the standard of Two for the Blues (1983) but I suppose that's like comparing chalk and cheese.

What we end up with is something of a mixed bag and it's unlikely that you'll enjoy each track. My personal favourite, and probably the only track that held my attention, was the closing 'Requiem For Dusty'. The rest of the album doesn't seem to have aged quite so well.

Classic jazz collectors will no doubt find much to groove to, but unless you're really into the scene you'll probably want to give this one a miss.


Nick Smithson

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