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Deep Cuts


Artist: Marion Raw
Label: TBC
RRP: £13.99
Release Date: 09 April 2021

Deep Cuts, the debut solo album from Marion Raw, is comprised of home recordings and capsuled broadcasts. Each track is sewn together to create a ghostly snapshot of a long lost cassette, unearthed far from home, broadcasting into an unknown, perhaps (not so) distant future...

Listening to these 13 songs (37 min, 44 sec) I started to become increasingly concerned for Marion Raw. Was this some sort of cruel torture? Was she being held captive and made to perform music against her will. As the songs crawl by it's blatantly obvious to anyone with ears that Raw can't carry a tune and is a mediocre guitarist (and that's being kind).

The album sounds like it was recorded on a C90 (ask your parents) that had been used to record the top 40 every week for a year (again, ask your parents). The hiss is so loud that it drowns out the music on occasion - which I suppose is no bad thing. She completely murders 'If I Could Turn Back Time', resuscitates it and then murders it again.

This might be fun if you're stoned but as it stands it's a pretty painful experience.


Nick Smithson

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