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Ska Dream


Artist: Jeff Rosenstock
Label: Polyvinyl Record Co
RRP: £13.99
Release Date: 20 April 2021

Polyvinyl Record Co present Ska Dream, a complete re-recording of Jeff Rosenstock’s critically-acclaimed 2020 record No Dream - however this time around all the songs are ska songs...

Ska Dream is a novel yet surprisingly well conceived album. Those that don't like Ska should probably look away now. This album offers little in the way to entice you in... Having said that, this is an LP that's instantly accessible and hard not to love.

There's a good mix here of ska's various progressive stages. So there's examples of the original Jamaican style, 2 tone and punk-ska... all of which work incredible well side by side.

'No Time to Skank' contains a very short tribute to 'Our Time' by The Suicide Machines. 'Leave It In The Ska' contains a snippet of 'Nite Klub' by The Specials.

This is an impressive, upbeat album of songs that are hard not to instantly love.


Nick Smithson

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