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Midnight Pizza


Artist: Ade
Label: Trickwork
RRP: £13.99
Release Date: 23 April 2021

Trickwork release Ade's debut LP, Midnight Pizza, an album where fantasy and reality entwine often paradoxically. It's a coming of age record for the millennial generation. Written over the past 5 years, it finds Ade re-evaluating that familiar road that leads us all to so-called adulthood. At once intimidatingly complex and acutely referential, Midnight Pizza also sports an inviting danceability...

Midnight Pizza contains 10 (32 min, 13 sec) tracks of funky electronic pop. Songs like 'Another Weekend' and 'Get to Know Me' bring to mind Scritti Politti's '80s style. This is an album to be savoured, as from track to track it morphs to constantly avoid being pigeonholed.

The album opens with 'The City', an '80s laid back pop track. Sadly, it opens midway into the song and ends abruptly. I say "sadly" because this is a track that was really starting to get under my skin before the rug was pulled from under my feet.

'Happy Birthday' is another highlight, with a catchy track played over old family audio rerecordings. 'Feel a Thing' slowly builds into a memorable dance track.

'Havin' Fun with Pharaoh' is another upbeat, quirky pop track which stays with you. 'Moving Slow' is a beautifully melancholic song. The album concludes with the dream pop title track 'Midnight Pizza'.

From start to finish this is a pretty textbook example of how to deliver a debut album. It hooks you in from the start and doesn't let up until the close of the final song. A wonderfully uplifting release.


Nick Smithson

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