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Shuffle / Play


Artist: The Mono LPs
Label: Fretsore Records
RRP: £13.99
Release Date: 23 April 2021

Fretsore Records release The Mono LPs's latest album, Shuffle / Play. It’s a record that includes the band's love letter to the '80s, 'Think About It'; a jet-propelled piece of indie electronica that salutes the synth-skewered pop of the 1980s...

From the very first playthrough I knew I was listening to an album that I'd return to time and time again months and years from now. The Mono LPs' Shuffle / Play has an uncanny ability to get under your skin. After the first play I put it aside for a few days and on returning to it I was convinced that I knew the tracks from years ago... that's how powerful this album is.

Each song has a hook that drags you in. It might be a riff that sends you spiraling down a nostalgic path, or a chorus that has you unconsciously mouthing along to the lyrics... It's certainly an album that you'll enjoy from start to finish - there's no b-side filler material here.

A strong collection of catchy and upbeat modern indie tracks that is well worth giving a chance to.


Nick Smithson

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