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Little Black Book
World Premiere Recording


Music: Billy Recce
Lyrics: Billy Recce
Book: Billy Recce
Performed by: Alice Ripley, Orfeh, Mandy Gonzalez, Jessica Vosk, Brittney Johnson, Diana DeGarmo and Vonzell Solomon
Label: Broadway Records
RRP: £12.99
Release Date: 30 April 2021

Little Black Book is a new rock musical about the life and times of Heidi Fleiss. The album centres on the infamous Hollywood Madam of the '90s who now resides in the middle of the deserts of Nevada with her forty parrots. Originally developed as a one-woman rock concert, Little Black Book is a sharp-tongued, raucous, and ultimately moving 90-minute ride. Through 11 pop-rock songs (47 min, 59 sec), the show examines a woman who was stripped of everything she worked for by a ruthless tabloid press and an unforgiving society...

Co-conceived by Will Nunziata and Billy Recce and developed as a one-woman rock concert, Little Black Book tells the story of former American madam Heidi Fleiss. Anyone who has looked into the background of her life will realise how rich it is for a musical of this nature. And thankfully, Recce's production doesn't disappoint.

The songs, under the "rock" umbrella are as diverse as you could possibly get and from track to track it's interesting to note how the songs have been worked to ensure that no two similar sounding tracks are paired together. There's also a good mix of "theme" styles including some very funny comedy moments like 'My (Much, Much Older) Man'.

It's an interesting album, with some wonderful vocal performances. This is certainly one that musical theatre fans should check out.


Amber Leigh

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