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Man on Man


Artist: Man on Man
Label: Polyvinyl Record Co.
RRP: £13.99
Release Date: 07 May 2021

Polyvinyl Record release Man to Man's self-titled LP. A retro sounding indie rock album, the 11 tracks (45 min, 26 sec) see the blossoming of a new gay lover band made up of Joey Holman (Holman) and Roddy Bottum (Faith No More, Imperial Teen, Crickets, Nastie Band). With the release of their debut single, 'Daddy', their video (which sees the pair dancing seductively in their white briefs) was removed from YouTube for violating their “sex and nudity policy.” Their music transcends both genre or decade, creating a timeless appeal...

Man on Man's self-titled LP is hard not to instantly love. Okay, the lyrics occasionally stray into modern day Carry On territory (although certainly not PC they are wrapped in layers: "Middle finger, take my ring..." ('Baby You're my Everything'), "He pulled my shorts down. He knelt before his swelling king, He took in everything" ('Daddy') and loads more if you look for them. The music is what's key here though, with memorable riffs and catchy hooks you'll be wanting to add the majority of the songs to your favourite playlist.

The album is not without a sense of humour. And it's so damn catchy. 'It's So Fun (To Be Gay)' is such an earworm of a song that you'll be singing it in public before you know it. A timeless album which bizarrely also has retro appeal, this is one LP I'll be listening to for some time to come.


Nick Smithson

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