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Composer: Ludovico Einaudi
Label: Decca
RRP: £13.99
Release Date: 04 June 2021

Decca release a collection of Ludovico Einaudi's greatest works from film and television including two previously unreleased track. With a career spanning three decades, Einaudi’s music has become some of the most recognisable in the world. It can currently be heard on the soundtracks to Oscar, BAFTA and Golden Globe-winning films Nomadland and The Father...

Ludovico Einaudi has an uncanny knack of being able to write pieces that get under your skin... are instantly memorable... and are emotionally rewarding. Melancholy is where he's most at home, or at least is where he's most successful. Sweet, sad pieces are where his music comes alive.

The album includes two previously unreleased recordings: the title track from Russell Crowe’s 2014 movie The Water Diviner and new single ‘My Journey’ from The Father, the award-winning film starring Anthony Hopkins and Olivia Colman. While 'My Journey' is a rather bland atmospheric track, 'The Water Diviner' is a beautifully layered piece.

There are three tracks on here from the Seven Days Walking: Day One album. When that LP was released we were promised: "Seven Days Walking represents seven bodies of music to be released over seven consecutive months." We reviewed Day One, but then everything went quiet. A box set of Days 1-7 was released, according to Amazon, but far from the new music promised, it looks like there was a lot of reworking of tracks from Day One. The fact that none of the music for Days 2-7 is included in this compilation is also rather surprising.

'Seven Days Walking / Day 1 - Cold Wind Var. 1' reminded me very much of Howard Shore's music for the movie Big (1988). For 'Histoire Sans Nom', Ludovico comes over all Georges Delerue. If you're not reminded of the score for Platoon (1986) then you can't call yourself a true soundtrack or movie fan (or nerdy geek, if you like).

Yes it's a wonderful album, packed full of beautiful themes (even if you have heard more than a handful before) and is certainly one that lovers of classical music / traditional film scores will embrace.

Track listing:

01 - Experience (5:17)
02 - Seven Days Walking / Day 1 - Golden Butterflies (5:51)
03 - Berlin Song (4:23)
04 - Love Is A Mystery (3:02)
05 - Main Theme (From “The Third Murder” / Remastered 2020) (4:16)
06 - My Journey (Film Version for "The Father" / David Menke Remix) (3:55)
07 - The Water Diviner (From "The Water Diviner") (6:45)
08 - Petricor (6:35)
09 - Fly (4:41)
10 - Time Lapse (5:32)
11 - Walk (3:28)
12 - Seven Days Walking / Day 1 - Cold Wind Var. 1 (4:02)
13 - Ascolta (4:51)
14 - Histoire Sans Nom (From "Sotto Falso Nome") (3:57)
15 - Due Tramonti (4:55)
16 - Run (5:29)
17 - Le Onde (5:35)
18 - L'Origine Nascosta (3:13)
19 - White Night (3:13)
20 - The Earth Prelude (5:01)
21 - Oltremare (11:02)
22 - Fairytale (4:01)
23 - Fuori Dal Mondo (5:02)
24 - Una Mattina (3:25)
25 - Nuvole Bianche (6:00)
26 - Newton's Cradle (7:49)
27 - Dietro Casa (3:51)
28 - Seven Days Walking / Day 1 - Low Mist (5:26)


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