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Forgotten We'll Be
Original Motion Picture Soundtrack


Composer: Zbigniew Preisner
Label: Caldera Records
RRP: £13.99
Release Date: 07 June 2021

Caldera Records present Zbigniew Preisner’s score for the motion picture Forgotten We’ll Be from 2020. Directed by Fernando Trueba, the movie is inspired by Héctor Abad Faciolince’s memoir Oblivion: A Memoir in which he describes with great tenderness the life and work of his father, the revered Colombian scientist and activist Hector Abad Gómez who was killed by mercenaries in 1987. The movie focuses on two major time periods: the 70s and mid-80s. While the latter part mainly deals with Gómez’ political agenda and achievements, the scenes set in the '70s paint Gómez as a devoted family man. They also describe the turmoil experienced by him and his family through the hands of his young son Hector who runs over a woman in his car and throws stones through the window of a Jewish family’s home...

Forgotten We’ll Be once again sees composer Zbigniew Preisner tackling the themes of childhood and the loss of childhood innocence, as he had previously in Valley of Shadows and Lost and Love. Here the composer devises gentle and yet poignant themes for orchestra, choir and solo instruments such as the harp,

It's a beautiful score that stays just the right side of sentimental cliches, while still delivering a moving collection of themes.

The first few notes of 'Que Sera, Sera (Whatever Will Be, Will Be)' seem to have been subtly included at the opening to 'Letter to the Father' - which is a wonderful little touch.

Another impressive release by Caldera. If you love emotionally charged scores you'll fall in love with what Preisner delivers here.


Darren Rea

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