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Artist: Freya Beer
Label: Sisterhood Records
RRP: £13.99
Release Date: 07 October 2021

Freya Beer releases her debut album, Beast, via her own Sisterhood label. A record of primal power and animalistic instinct, Beast is an arch art-rock debut for our times. Calculated in its vision and complex in its articulation, it’s a cat-and-mouse chase through a labyrinth of literature, legend and loudness that lurks in the least-likely of places...

It's hard to believe that Beast is Freya Beer's debut LP. The solid song writing, confident performances and the fact that almost each track could be a single in its own right, mean that Beer hits the ground running.

Beast is a punky rock album with plenty of soul and a tonne of variety. From the retro rock vibe of 'To the Heavens' to the slow, stripped back 'Pure', there's something for all tastes. That doesn't mean that you'll only like part of the album, just that you'll start off loving parts of it, while slowly growing into the other songs.

It's fun, it's brash but above all it's a well produced collection of pure rock heaven.


Nick Smithson

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