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Dream State Treasure


Artist: Scott von Ryper
Label: Tran-si-ent Records /SilverDoor Music
RRP: £13.99
Release Date: 15 October 2021

Scott von Ryper (The Jesus and Mary Chain / Black Ryder) releases his solo debut LP, Dream State Treasure via Tran-si-ent Records in conjunction with SilverDoor Music. Primarily recorded and mixed in his home studio between 2018 - 2020, von Ryper used the break from touring and isolation in 2020 to explore sonic themes that he had experimented with early in his career when still recording on a 4-track...

The title of Scott von Ryper's solo debut album, Dream State Treasure, is partly an acknowledgment of the fact that elements of the album came to him whilst dreaming. "I recall at least two occasions where I awoke out of a dream and went directly to the studio to record or completely change songs," says von Ryper. "'Goodnight, Goodbye' was a complete song that came that way, and 'The Devil’s Son,' was one where I simply awoke with a clear understanding on how to rearrange and reproduce an existing song that I was struggling with. What I awoke with in my mind was a much slower, more soulful song, and played on piano, not guitar. This reinvented version then formed a sonic bond with two other existing songs, and became the essence of the entire record to me. I honestly think it was the track that made me fully realize that I now had the album I wanted to make."

The resulting 8 songs (40 min, 35 sec) draw the listener in with their haunting melodies and mellow vocals. It's an indie album that feels almost timeless.

From the '70s style of 'The Devil's Son' to the more modern 'Pulse' there's a little something here for every taste.

As a whole, it's an experience that reaps rewards.


Nick Smithson

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