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Artist: Margo Cilker
Label: Loose
RRP: £13.99
Release Date: 05 November 2021

Eastern Oregon songwriter Margo Cilker has released her new album, Pohorylle, via Loose. The LP traverses through the geography of Cilker’s memories - a touring musician’s tapestry of dive bars and breathtaking natural beauty - love is apparent, as is its inevitable partner: loss. After all, what bigger heartbreak is there than to be a fervent lover who must always keep moving...?

Over the course of these nine songs (31 min, 25 sec) Margo Cilker introduces us to her distinct brand of country folk music. With a foot firmly planted in the past, and the other in the here and now, Pohorylle tries to please everyone from traditional country fans to a more modern audience. The results, on the whole, manage to achieve this quite comfortably.

Comparing 'Flood Plain', which represents Cilker's modern take on the genre, and the traditional style of 'Kevin Johnson' showcases the diversity on offer here.

For followers of the genre, this is an above average entry into the market. Cilker's vocals are impressive and memorable and, over time, this is an LP that will grow on you.


Nick Smithson

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