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Tell Me What You Miss the Most


Artist: Tasha
Label: Father/Daughter Records
RRP: £13.99
Release Date: 05 November 2021

Chicago musician Tasha releases her new LP, Tell Me What You Miss the Most, which is released via Father/Daughter Records. The album mixes elements of introspection with wide, expansive segments, marveling at what’s yet to come...

The first thing that strikes you about Tell Me What You Miss the Most is Tasha hypnotic vocals. There's an effortless quality to her delivery which makes it sound like she's just singing for her own enjoyment. It feels raw and refreshing and is certainly captivating.

The album's 10 songs (32 min, 35 sec) shift and change, never sitting on its laurels. It would have been so easy for Tasha to have found her groove and just delivered songs in a similar vein. But, as the LP rattles along, Tasha constantly shifts and changes her delivery and style.

It's a modern, vibrant release that is simply captivating.


Nick Smithson

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