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Music for Film


Composer: Mychael Danna
Conductor: Dirk Brossé
Performed by: Brussels Philharmonic
Label: Silva Screen Records
SILCD1654 (CD), SILED1654 (download)
Release Date: 26 November 2021

Presented by Film Fest Ghent, Mychael Danna: Music For Film is the eighth album from the series on Silva Screen Records. This expanded edition of the original 2008 album features pieces specifically recorded for this reissue, suites from Hearts of Atlantis, Life of Pi and a newly created, mesmerising suite from Moneyball. Also added to the album is the suite from Monsoon Wedding, recorded for Film Fest Ghent’s 2020 album World Soundtrack Awards - Tribute to the Film Composer...

If you're not au fait with the work of Mychael Danna then Silva Screen Records new release, Mychael Danna: Music for Film, will bring you quickly up to speed on what you've been missing.

This 11 track (1 hr, 11 min, 08 sec) showcases the diversity that Danna has delivered over the years. Although the tracks selected here mostly highlight his ability to compose heart wrenchingly beautiful, melancholic themes.

It opens with the suite from Being Julia. It's the perfect way to ease you into what to expect from the rest of the tracks on offer. This is an emotional, romantic piece that really stays with you. Likewise, the suite from Life of Pi will touch your heart and soul.

There isn't a dull moment over the course of the album's run time, and pieces like the suite from Little Miss Sunshine, while not my personal favourite, really helps to shake things up a little, as it's much quirkier than the other suites. The Suite from Where the Truth Lies is another highlight, with its Bernard Herrmann vibe.

This is a wonderful collection, which will hopefully see you branching out and purchasing the full scores for some of the pieces featured here.

Track listing:

01. Being Julia Suite
02. Life of Pi Suite
03. Shattered Glass Suite
04. Little Miss Sunshine Suite
05. Capote Suite
06. Hearts in Atlantis Suite
07. Moneyball Suite
08. Monsoon Wedding Suite
09. Where the Truth Lies Suite
10. The Ice Storm Suite (Live)
11. Vanity Fair Suite


Darren Rea

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