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Artist: Acid Tongue
Label: Freakout Records
RRP: £13.99
Release Date: 03 December 2021

Seattle rock'n'roll outfit Acid Tongue release Arboretum via Freakout Records. Part glam-rock opus, part mixtape, this LP marks a significant step forward for a band well-versed in straddling the line between psychedelia and power-pop...

Arboretum's 9 songs (30 min, 41 sec) showcase Acid Tongue's ability to shift and change from track to track. We open with the rock anthem vibe of 'Home' which straight away puts you in an upbeat, positive mood.

Each song is a collaboration with some of the best and brightest in underground rock and roll, including Los Angeles psych-garage staples Death Valley Girls on the hard rocking 'Take Me To Your Leader'; Canadian singer-songwriter Calvin Love on the disco anthem 'All Out Of Time'; Seattle freak-rockers Naked Giants on the introspective 'Won’t Walk Back'; Freakout Records-siblings Shaina Shepherd and Smokey Brights on 'Facts of Life', 'Rock & Roll Revelations', and 'Suffering For You'; and Brazilian artist Libra on the album opener 'Home'.

'Won't Walk Back' is another track, along with opener 'Home' that is instantly accessible and will rattle around in your head for days.

If you're a fan of rock then this is one LP that you should get quite a lot out of.


Nick Smithson

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