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Artist: Deathretro
Label: Cosmic Glue
RRP: £13.99
Release Date: 10 December 2021

Deathretro release their debut self-titled LP via Cosmic Glue. The band is made up of Kie, Adrian and Boone, three friends from the villages of Cumbria who are now based in Manchester and joined by drummer and producer Grant Henderson...

Deathretro's debut LP is strong, confident and brash. It kicks off with a punky vibe on 'Back Lights', which really sets the scene for what is to come. 'Waveshifer' carries on in a similar vein. Whereas 'Edge of Nothing is a little more indie rock.

'Cycles (Part 2)' sees a real shift in genre. The track is an instrumental electronic piece. It shakes things up nicely before heading down the rabbit hole that is the chaotic 'Electric Rooms', an upbeat and catchy number.

'Pistols' closes out the album, sounding like a modern rock version of Gary Newman's 'Cars'.

For a debut album this is pretty impressive. The album's 10 tracks (29 min, 33 sec) are varied, showing the many strengths of the band, and extremely well presented. My only complaint is that at under 30 minutes it's just too short.


Nick Smithson

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