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12 Compost Disco Years
Vol. 2


Artist: Various Artists
Label: Compost Records
RRP: £13.99
CODIS 023-3
Release Date: 21 January 2022

For the 12 years Compost Disco (sub-)label anniversary the studio is releasing a three-volume anthology package that includes 15 exclusive, previously unreleased tracks. A brilliant cocktail of disco-ish tunes by the likes of Dimitri From Paris & DJ Rocca, AN-2, Mark E, Ed Lee, Manuel Tur, Chocolate Garage Production, Velmondo, Ron Deacon and some other suspect alter egos. Destined for the sunset crew, for the hip shaking, for the gym, for those, who are open-minded about disco anyways, for more parties, last but not least for salvation. Vol. 2 contains five brand new, unreleased, exclusive tracks, coupled with four best of Compost Disco catalogue tracks...

12 Compost Disco Years: Vol. 2 consists of 9 (58 min, 50 sec) groovy, thumping disco tracks - the first 5 of which are new, previously unreleased tracks. This is the second volume in a three album series which will deliver 15 exclusive, unreleased tracks and showcase highlights of the label's first 12 years.

Like Volume 1, Volume 2  is instantly accessible. It's hard to fathom who wouldn't like this. Only the most anti-disco listener will shy away from these tracks... but I'm sure they'll be tapping their feet as they grumble.

In amongst the vocal tracks are instrumental wonders like 'I'm Your Eversion', a piece that could have been put together in the '70s or this morning... it's that fresh while remaining tastefully retro.

It's hard to fault this sumptuous treat of a release. Celebrate Compost Records' contribution to disco... and do it in style with this album.

Track Listing

New, previously unreleased:
01. Ed Lee feat. Alison David “I Am Someone” (Moodorama Remix) (6:36)
02. Mark E “I’m Your Eversion” (6:03)
03. Sharp 9 “Sped Up” (5:41)
04. Chocolate Garage Productions “Disco (Ah Ha)” (4:41)
05. Velmondo “Out Of Here” (8:33)

Best of Compost Disco:
06. Joash “Mission” (Chocolate Garage Productions Oldschool Mix) (7:29)
07. John Gazoo “Times Square Was Not Disney World” (7:50)
08. Clavis “Aviaco”(4:57)
09. Tomasz Guiddo with Nirosta Steel “Go Back” (Kalabrese Remix) (7:00)


Nick Smithson

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