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Artist: Nordic Giants
Label: Nordic Giants
RRP: £13.99
Release Date: 04 February 2022

Following on from the success of their debut album - A Sèance of Dark Delusions and their documentary / soundtrack project - Amplify Human Vibration, the mysterious Nordic Giants emerge from hiding with their second studio album simply entitled - Symbiosis. Symbiosis represents the interdependent relationship of all life. The union and blending of polar opposites, the harmony created when two different elements combine, not just in nature or in a philosophical sense, but at the root creative level. This collection of songs blends light with dark, moments of ambience with power and the subtle with the mysterious - themes that Nordic Giants continue to experiment with extensively over the years...

Symbiosis was an album that I enjoyed right from the first play through. And it's one that just seems to get better the more you listen to it. It consists of 8 tracks (47 min, 18 sec) of mostly instrumental rock opera style music.

It has a good mix of themes and styles and I was particularly impressed with the running order. The opening track, 'Philosophy of Mind', gets the listener ready for what is to come, and the closer, 'Infinity', brings everything to a satisfying conclusion. In fact I'm singling out 'Infinity' as the most satisfying piece on the album. It's mellow, draws you in, ramps up the energy and then, after reaching a crescendo, returns to its early reflective stance. Other highlights include the piano-based 'Hjem' the vocal track 'Spheres'.

If instrumental rock is your thing then you'll find plenty to enjoy here.


Nick Smithson

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