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Miles from Nowhere


Artist: Jonas Lindberg & the Other Side
Label: InsideOut Music
RRP: £13.99
Release Date: 18 February 2022

Jonas Lindberg & the Other Side release their new LP, Miles from Nowhere, via InsideOut Music. This Progressive rock project from Stockholm, Sweden was founded in 2012 by bass player, songwriter and producer Jonas Lindberg. The current lineup includes Lindberg on bass, backing vocals, keyboards and guitars together with Jonas Sundqvist (lead vocals), Jonathan Lundberg (drums), Calle Stålenbring (guitars) and Michael Ottosson (keyboards), Nicklas Thelin (guitar) and Jenny Storm (vocal)...

The main thing I took away from this album after a first play through was how similar to classic '70s rock outfits the band were - especially Journey and Boston. There's a vibe of Steve Perry to Jonas Sundqvist's vocals.The use of '70s synths also reminded me of Genesis's sound during their Duke phase.

Repeated listens just enforced what a wonderful collaboration this was. They shake things up by bringing in Jenny Storm on vocals and there are tracks which balance instrumental and vocals wonderfully.

I loved this release from the first time I heard it and each subsequent return visit just reaps huge nostalgic rewards. It's like I've known the band for decades - long before they were formed. Wonderful stuff.


Nick Smithson

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