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Texas Chainsaw Massacre
Soundtrack from the Netflix Film


Composer: Colin Stetson
Label: Milan Records
RRP: £13.99
Release Date: 18 February 2022

Milan Records releases the Soundtrack to the Netflix Film Texas Chainsaw Massacre, by Grammy Award winning composer Colin Stetson. In the film, directed by David Blue Garcia - Melody, her sister Lila and their friends Dante and Ruth travel to Harlow, Texas to set up a new business. In doing so they run afoul of the house of Leatherface, the notorious serial killer. But they also meet Sally Hardesty, the sole survivor of the infamous 1973 massacre, who is determined to seek revenge. Stetson’s other scores include Hereditary, The First, Red Dead Redemption 2, Colour Out of Space, Barkskins, Mayday, Among the Stars, and Uzumaki...

Track Listing: 'Sunflowers', 'Welcome to Harlow', 'The House', 'Taken Away', 'Death on the Road', 'Scars', 'The Call', 'The Deed', 'For Your Life', 'Headless', 'The Hunter', 'Every Last One', 'Lament in Mirrors', 'Call to Arms', 'A Valiant Effort', 'Sledgehammer', 'Midnight Memorial', 'Reunited', and 'Through the Floorboards'.

The composer describes the music as “the sound of an old and decrepit abattoir stirring to life and rattling off the dust after a great many years idle; made with Contrabass Saxophones, Tibetan bowls, and a hearty dose of wild turkey hunting calls; all twisted, stretched, and wearing masks of their own.”

So, does the soundtrack live up to the hype? Well, yes and no. It’s not the most original and engaging soundtrack I’ve heard, but it does have its moments. The entire thing is heavily Industrial influenced, with lots of mechanical scraping and raucous sounds enhanced by a modicum of Electronica. The early tracks are pretty much edgy mood pieces, the focus becoming more biting from 'Death on the Road', whilst maintaining the chosen music genre as a theme of sorts. 'The Call' is suitably scary, utilising a weird noise which enters from far left and builds. 'For Your Life' and 'Sledgehammer' are probably two of the most potent and chilling tracks. However, there is little or no music here, just noises and soundscapes. Although some of the pieces are inventive, the tracks seem somewhat monotonous and tend to run into each other.


Ty Power

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