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Artist: Jody and the Jerms
Label: Jatj Records
RRP: £13.99
Release Date: 04 March 2022

Jatj Records release Jody and the Jerms' new album Flicker - a collection of retro sounding indie-pop tracks and the follow up to their 2020 debut LP, Deeper...

There are so many '80s throwback acts around at the moment so if you want to get noticed you have to be a little bit different. Sadly Jody and the Jerms suffers due to lacklustre performances, with a capable, but hardly noteworthy lead singer. For the most part the songs are instantly forgettable with the possible exception of 'Shiver' and the cover of Strawberry Switchblade's 1984 one-hit-wonder 'Since Yesterday'.

I couldn't help feeling that they sounded more like an average '80s covers band, that had the potential to be so much more. I'm sure their fans (of which the late great Janice Long was a member) will soak this up. Personally, I just didn't feel it.


Nick Smithson

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