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Passages Through Time
The Music of Rain Worthington


Composer: Rain Worthington
Label: Navona Records
RRP: £13.99
Release Date: 11 March 2022

In Passages Through Time, composer Rain Worthington explores the mystery of instrumental music’s ability to communicate the universality of human experiences. She invites the listener into the realm of the nonverbal to reveal our primal commonality, directly touching the heart and soul with music that is delicate and subtle, yet powerful and transporting...

This collection of works by composer Rain Worthington includes pieces that have previously been released on "compilation" albums. These included 'Full Circle' (Prisma: Vol 2) and 'Within Deep Currents' (Sparks: Vol II). But that doesn't make this release any less welcome.

Passages Through Time consists of 8 pieces (52 min, 56 sec) and is noteworthy as Worthington showcases works that are vastly different, while still having the ability to reach in and touch the listener's soul.

Worthington stays within traditional compositional territory whilst playing, wonderfully, with more modern, avant-garde styles. This is particularly noticeable in the opening 'Full Circle'... And did I witness the composer paying a subtle homage to John Williams's music for Jaws?

'Balancing on the Edge of Shadows' features Audrey Wright's subtle and heartbreakingly beautiful violin work. This is followed by the more cinematic 'Shadows of the Wind'. The album's closing 'In Passages' is arguably the most melancholic, beautiful piece here. Mojca Ramušćak's violin work is truly heartbreaking.

It's interesting that from track to track the music is diverse and engaging, yet still manages to pull you in. If you enjoyed Worthington's Dream Vapors: Selected Works for Orchestra, then you'll find this new album just as refreshing.

Track listing:

01 - Full Circle
Moravian Philharmonic Orchestra
Petr Vronský (conductor); Petr Nouzovský (cello) (10:46)
02 - Night Stream
Antonín Hradil (violin); Jakab Látal (violin) (4:17)
03 - Within Deep Currents
Janáček Philharmonic Orchestra
Stanislav Vavřínek (conductor) (6:25)
04 - Balancing on the Edge of Shadows
Audrey Wright (violin); Yundu Wang (piano) (5:32)
05 - Shadows of the Wind
Janáček Philharmonic Orchestra
Stanislav Vavřínek (conductor); Ivo Fišer (cello) (12:30)
06 - Resolves
Carmine Miranda (cello) (4:59)
07 - Dreaming through Fog
Janáček Philharmonic Orchestra
Stanislav Vavřínek (conductor) (11:34)
08 - In Passages
Croatian Chamber Orchestra
Miran Vaupotić (conductor); Mojca Ramušćak (violin) (10:12)


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