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All One Breath


Artist: Samana
Label: The Road Records / Music for Heroes
RRP: £13.99
Release Date: 11 March 2022

Rebecca Rose Harris and Franklin Mockett, collectively known as Samana, release their new LP. All One Breath was born out of the global pandemic, when the duo decide to stay in France over the lockdown. Originally planned as a three week residency, their prolonged stay led to their second full-length album, following 2019’s Ascension...

Offering a different vibe from their first focused concept album, Ascension, Samana see All One Breath as far more of a musical collage. While in France, the pair conjured up more than 60 pieces of music, initially with no intention of making an album, more just as a document of the time they spent there and the beautiful countryside that surrounded them. It was only when they stepped back from this process that they saw a record emerge, eventually selecting the 10 songs (47 min, 38 sec) that make up the album.

There's a hint of K.D. Lang's distinct vocals running through out this release - enough that at one point I had to double check that this wasn't a new album by her.

It's an interesting, diverse LP that rattles along at a cracking pace. Part pop, part folk album All One Breath is probably not an album you'll dig out in the future. But for an interesting diversion for a few weeks it ticks all the right boxes.


Nick Smithson

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