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The Others (Lustmord Deconstructed)


Artist: Lustmord
Label: Pelagic Records
RRP: £13.99
Release Date: 01 April 2022

Pelagic Records releases The Others – Lustmord Reconstructed, a 3LP album of Brian Williams Lustmord tracks reinterpreted by 16 bands and solo artists, such as Ulver, Enslaved, Godflesh, Spotlights, Arabrot, Crown, The Ocean, Katatonia’s Jonas Renkse and others. It is described as a tribute entry point into the back catalogue of the founding father of Dark Ambient music. This is said to be based on the tenth Lustmord album, Other – originally released in 2008. This 2022 boxset incorporates two remix albums: Beyond, and The Dark Places of the Earth, as well as the aforementioned new 3LP...

Full Track List: 'Enslaved – Eon'; 'Mono – Er Eb Os'; 'Ihsahn – Dark Awakening'; 'Jo – Quaill Prime'; 'Bohren – Plateau'; 'Hackedepicciotto – Trinity Past'; 'Ulver – Godeater'; 'Jonas Renkse – Er Eb Os'; 'Zola – Jesus Prime'; 'Spotlights – Of Eons'; 'The Ocean – Primal (State of Being)'; 'Crown – Element'; 'Jay Jayle – Er Eb Es'; 'Godflesh – Ashen'; 'Steve Von Till – Testament'; and 'Arabrot – The Last Days See the Light'.

I’ve never liked the idea of tribute albums. If you like it you want the genuine article. Where it really comes into its own is when you aren’t familiar with the tracks. This collection seems to be mostly same label artistes promoting one of their own. The bottom line is that whether you like a particular track or not come down to the simplicity of whether or not you like the style of the band covering it. This theory is confirmed by the fact that my favourite contributions on this collection are the ones whose albums I have reviewed favourably in the past: namely Crown and The Ocean, and also to a certain extent Arabrot. Nevertheless, I have enjoyed this more that I suspected I would – even though I generally prefer my Metal with more energy and melody. If nothing else, this offering is different, almost Primordial in nature. The genres covered here appear to be a blend of Pagan, Industrial, Ambient, Electronica, and film score.


Ty Power

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