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Bending Reality


Composer: Maximilien Mathevon
Label: Plaza Mayor Company Ltd
RRP: £13.99
Release Date: 08 April 2022

Plaza Mayor Company presents Bending Reality, the latest collection of electronic music from composer Maximilien Mathevon. The LP explores the perception of reality, the faculty to interpret and manipulate this reality, to transform and sublimate it. What is real? What is not real...?

Reality is a subjective thing. For years I've wondered why some people are so delude in an aspect of their life when everyone else can clearly see they are incompetent. We've all witnessed this, whether it's an awful boss, or a friend who believes they are an incredible (but they really aren't) singer or musician.

Me and my partner have had numerous discussions about the subject... where we've both been witness to an act, but our memories are very different. She might have remembered a key element that I didn't see or she may remember the colour of something where my recollection is that the colour was different. The bizarre thing is that both of us will be adamant that we are in the right and the other is remembering events incorrectly. And, even confronted with video evidence, it's sometimes hard to back down and admit that your own eyes (or memory) have deceived you. So I was pretty much looking forward to hearing what Maximilien Mathevon delivered on his new album.

Discussing the project, Mathevon says: "I wanted to create a constantly evolving sound universe, invaded by musical interferences which distort the appearances of the music. I have also used unusual rhythms on some tracks (7/4) to create a sense of shift and that something is not working in the usual way. This album is a constantly changing canvas, nourished by sounds and rhythms which add up, add to each other and evolve."

While I did enjoy what he delivers, I have to admit that I didn't pick up "bending reality" through listening to this album... But then, I'm scratching my head to conjure up what an album of music revolving around this subject would sound like. What I took away from it was space travel and exploration of alien worlds. In fact it so impressed me that I put it on as the backdrop while I was playing the Playstation VR game No Man's Sky... and it worked wonders to heighten the atmosphere.

Another amazing album from Mathevon. If you usually shy away from electronic music (like me) then I urge you to pick Bending Reality up. It could be your gateway into a new reality.


Darren Rea

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