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Artist: Caitlyn Smith
Label: Monument Records
RRP: £13.99
Release Date: 08 April 2022

Caitlyn Smith's new album, High, is released via Monument Records. After spending the last year opening for George Strait, Reba, Little Big Town, and Old Dominion in stadiums and venues across the country, Smith undertook her own headlining High & Low Tour 2022. The 13-city tour included stops at New York's Gramercy Theatre and Brooklyn Bowl in Nashville, Tennessee...

High is a country-folk album designed to pull in a younger audience ensuring the genre is cool again. Gone are the cliched riffs and lyrics and introduced is a soulful, beauty that is hard to resist.

This is more an EP than an LP, consisting of 8 songs (24 min, 43 sec). But what it lacks in length it more than makes up for in quality. The final track 'I Don't Like The World Without You' is arguably the strongest and certainly the sweetest, song here.

Smith's vocals are memorable and her range is impressive. For those looking for a modern country-folk release this is certainly one of the best to come along in recent years.


Nick Smithson

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