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Artist: Maryze
Label: Hot Tramp Records
RRP: £13.99
Release Date: 06 May 2022

Inspired by her Celtic roots, years of studying jazz, and a healthy obsession with emo as a teenager, Maryze's music transcends genre while still providing one hook after another. Her new album, 8, is released via Hot Tramp Records...

8 was an album I almost instantly fell in love from the opening track 'Mercy Key'. This beautiful, celtic folk opening gave way to the second song, 'Experiments' which was a lot more pop in construction and delivery.

And that's pretty how the rest of the album goes: hopping from genre to genre as Maryze plays with the construct of labeling and being pigeonholed (something you could never attribute to her music). There's a rock vibe on 'Emo', an '80s pop inspired construction to ''Panoramic'... In reality from track to track Maryze doesn't just reinvent herself, but pretty much reinvents the wheel. And while that's an incredibly difficult skill to pull of successfully, and she does it effortlessly, it showcases her raw talent and ability to turn her hand to anything.

And yet... I felt somewhat unsatisfied. I was impressed by her range, but I wasn't a huge fan of the majority of the tracks. Personally I only loved the opening and closing songs. The rest I found engaging, but not tracks I'd want to listen to again.

I can't help feeling that by casting her net so wide that she appears unsure of where to focus her talent. And, while diversity should be something to be championed, most will hone in on one aspect and wish the album had more of that.


Nick Smithson

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