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Headful of Sugar


Artist: Sunflower Bean
Label: Lucky Number
RRP: £13.99
Release Date: 06 May 2022

New York trio Sunflower Bean - vocalist and bassist Julia Cumming, guitarist and vocalist Nick Kivlen, and drummer Olive Faber - release their new album, Headful of Sugar, via Lucky Number...

Headful of Sugar is an impressive indie rock album of solid, memorable songs. The 11 tracks (35 min, 07 sec) rumble along at a cracking pace. From track to track the band shifts and changes its identity creating an interesting showpiece of rock/pop songs that you'll be eager to return to.

Tracks like 'Baby Don't Cry' hark back to '90s indie rock outfits like The Breeders. In fact the further into the album you dive, the more rock inspirations come to the surface. It's interesting to play the opening 'Who Put You Up To This?' followed by the closing 'Feel Somebody' to witness how much the band transform in the space of 35 minutes.

An enjoyable album that is packed full of strong and memorable songs.


Nick Smithson

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