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The Watchers


Artist: Strange Parade
Label: Strange Parade
RRP: £13.99
Release Date: 06 May 2022

Los Angeles-based Strange Parade release their new LP, The Watchers. Part blues, part country based, the album is an indie rock album that almost immediately gets under your skin with memorable tracks and intricate riffs that drag the listener back time and time again...

Strange Parade's sound blends psychedelic Americana, art rock, and the quieter side of early '80s post-punk and shoegaze.

The Watchers is almost hypnotic in its delivery. It opens with the instantly memorable 'Are You There', with other highlights including 'Sometimes Girls', 'Bag of Blood' and 'Second Face'.

The title track, 'The Watchers', is an acoustic guitar-driven rock track that builds off an early country-blues-style riff as shimmering guitars and lap steel are played over a driving, rhythmic hook, culminating in a 3-minute multi-layered piano, synth, lap steel frenzy.

It's a timeless collection of good, classic sounding tracks that will appeal to both old skool listeners and a more modern audience.


Nick Smithson

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