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Better Call Saul
Vol. 2
Original Score from the TV Series


Composer: Dave Porter
Label: Milan Records
RRP: £13.99
Release Date: 13 May 2022

Milan Records releases Better Call Saul: Vol.2 with music by composer Dave Porter. The album features music from Seasons 3-5 of the Breaking Bad spin-off show...

The soundtrack to Better Call Saul is not, on the whole, one that can be embraced by general soundtrack fans. I own countless albums for shows and movies I haven't seen, but I love the composer's work and so like to keep up with what they're producing. Sometimes I'm not overly impressed and other times I'm blown away. I came away from this release enjoying the music from a technical point of view, but not really connecting with it on any real meaningful level. It's functional and little more - which I'm sure was the intention when scoring for the onscreen action.

Talking about the release, composer Dave Porter says: "I am very pleased to be releasing my score from seasons 3-5 of Better Call Saul, which covers so many crucial moments for all of its beloved characters… Chuck, Nacho, Mike, Kim, Lalo, and of course charting the inevitable development of Jimmy into Saul into Gene. Included are many fan-requested tracks along with a few gems that were written for the show but ultimately were not included."

For fans of the series this may carry some weight, but everyone else will probably be left feeling a little cold..


Darren Rea

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