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Vol 3
Contemporary Chamber Works


Composers: Various
Performed by: Various
Label: Navona Records
RRP: £13.99
Release Date: 27 May 2022

On Figments: Vol. 3 from Navona Records, the imaginations of composers Jacob E. Goodman, Gary D. Belshaw, Andrew Lewinter, Thomas Mann Jr, Elliott Miles McKinley, and Eleanor Alberga are brought to life in a dynamic breadth of emotional performances, from soothing to exhilarating and natural to mythical. A dynamic assortment of contemporary chamber music, fantasy and reality collide to bring forth exhilarating stories spanning scenes from Greek Mythology to those of spirited animals and surreal scenic portraits. Universal melodies and rhythms find their form, short sketches evoke seasonal qualities, and fantasies float into reality in this collection...

The third volume in Navona Records Figments series thankfully moves on from the avant-garde nature of Vol. 2. This time around the pieces chosen are in a more traditional vein.

To be honest, the album is worth buying just for Andrew Lewinter's three-part 'Trio for Oboe, Horn, and Piano', which sounds like the magical soundtrack to a BBC children's Christmas production (a little in the vain of Geoffrey Burgon's music for The Chronicles of Narnia or Roger Limb's score for The Box of Delights). Eleanor Alberga's 'Shining Gate of Morpheus' is also in a similar style.

Overall this is a wonderfully engaging collection of styles that delivers a little bit of seasonal magic.

Track listing:

Jacob E. Goodman
01. Variations for a Rainy Afternoon (11:23)

Gary D. Belshaw
02. Piccolo & Chalumeau (4:33)

Andrew Lewinter
03. Trio for Oboe, Horn, and Piano: I. Allegro Moderato (8:31)
04. Trio for Oboe, Horn, and Piano: II. Romanza (4:38)
05. Trio for Oboe, Horn, and Piano: III. Theme and Variations (7:43)

Thomas Mann Jr.
06. Dance of the Lizards (6:28)

Elliott Miles McKinley
07. Three Autumn Sketches: I. Morning Frost (4:06)
08. Three Autumn Sketches: II. Night Rain (7:00)
09. Three Autumn Sketches: III. Evening Colors (3:29)

Eleanor Alberga
10. Shining Gate of Morpheus (13:11)


Darren Rea

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