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Just a Revolution


Artist: Regent
Label: Regent Records
RRP: £13.99
Release Date: 12 August 2022

Regent Records releases Just a Revolution, the debut full album by home-grown, Southampton-based Indie Rock band, Regent. The line-up incorporates Ben Rooke on vocals, Chris Woolf on lead guitar/keyboards/piano, Luke Trundell on bass/guitar, and George Grattan on drums. Some of the themes explored across the twelve tracks include love, loss, good times and dark times – based upon the singer’s own experiences. The music itself ranges from catchy feel-good anthems to darker, more vulnerable moments. Regent have emerged as one of their region’s finest acts, gaining favourable radio play from Frank Skinner’s Absolute Radio show, Radio X, the BBC, RTE2 in Ireland and SiriusXM in the US. Their previous singles have been played on sports shows such as BBC 1’s Match of the Day, the BBC’s Six Nations Rugby, Soccer AM, and Sky Sports Darts. Just a Revolution is available for download and streaming...

We begin with the title track, 'Just a Revolution'. A raucous, fuzz and over-driven riff blasts through with comforting energy. The vocals are slightly more restrained in the verses and contain a modicum of reverb. The diverse inflection of the vocals is great, with heart and emotion there for the chorus parts. 'Dirty Little Sinner' has a marching pace much more suited to a Pop/Rock genre sound. The vocals turn colloquial – almost modern cockney. The guitar solo is short and sweet, without losing touch with the quirky stance of this great short piece. Is that a single? It should be. 'Let’s Go Out' returns to the grinding fuzz, but with a commercial bass line. I’m impressed with the changes to the vocal style with each track. Many bands have one set vocal sound which soon turns the music stale. This is alive and invigorating. 'Today' is an electro-acoustic ballad, with a moderate pace and rolling vocals. The pace picks up a little towards the end with an added injection of energy, before stripping back to the acoustics once more. Very nice, I must say.

'She Rocks My Souls' incorporates a stomping beat into a choppy Rock number. The vocals are, again, very good and different to what has gone before. The guitar solo is a great way to end this song. Again is a light and lazy step summer song which would sound great played in the car (where I play most of my music). 'I Told You So' is another stomping beat. These seem to work so well in this sub-genre. They drag you along for the ride and, before you know it, your head is nodding and toes tapping. 'You Blow My Mind' is different again; a restrained song that emits more soul – even with the fuzz guitar making a periodic return. The song is more full-blown and emotional as it goes on. I’m really impressed with this album. 'No Going Back' reminds me of many a garage rock band sound. Like many of these songs, it contains a rawness which tends to be over-produced out of so many promising groups.

'Seven Seas' has some lovely atmospherics and heartfelt sounds while still retaining its energy and melody. 'You Wanna Play With Me' couldn’t be more different in style, but it’s just as good. A choppy, almost Punky style which works so well. This music will satisfy heavy fans and Pop fans alike, I think. It’s certainly genre-spanning. 'Yes, it’s Love' caps-off with great style a very impressive album. I can’t recommend this debut album from Regent enough. It will be interesting to see where the band goes with the notoriously difficult second album.


Ty Power

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