No Win: Dodger Stadium

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Dodger Stadium


Artist: No Win
Label: Dangerbird Records
RRP: £13.99
Release Date: 19 August 2022

LA-based indie-rock group No Win release their new LP, Dodger Stadium, via Dangerbird Records. Under the moniker No Win, Danny Nogueiras - formerly of Fidlar, and currently running Balboa Recording Studio in LA - blurs the lines between power pop, punk, and good old fashioned rock and roll...

Following on from No Win's 2019 debut album, their second release, Dodger Stadium, builds on a tried and tested formula that will not only appease their current fanbase, but is also guaranteed to bring in a new generation of followers.

There's so many tracks here that feel comfortable, familiar and full of vigour that it's hard to not instantly fall in love with their sound. The album constantly shifts to encompass all aspects of the genre. One track, 'Grow Out of It', even has an air of Oasis about it.

The album contains 11 songs (33 min, 38 sec) and I can honestly say that there isn't a weak one here. Each and every track is worthy of your time. This is certainly an album you'll be playing years from now.


Nick Smithson

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