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In Nomine Satanas
(6 CD Boxset)


Artist: Venom
Label: BMG
Release Date: 23 September 2022

The original line-up of Metal band Venom consisted of Cronos (Conrad Lant) on bass and vocals, Mantas (Jeff Dunn) on guitar, and Abaddon (Tony Bray) on drums. Originating in Newcastle, Venom emerged with the New Wave of British Heavy Metal in the late 1970s and early 1980s – joining other luminaries such as Iron Maiden, Def Leppard, Angel Witch, Tygers of Pan Tang, Chariot, and many others. They are said to have invented the sub-genre of Black Metal...

Right from the start Venom were different, centring on a heavy thrash format (with lesser Punk elements) which suited their motif of dark occult themes and satanic lyrics. They are almost certainly the first band to appear in publicity photos and on stage covered in theatre blood – a trend which would catch on with other (mostly American) bands in the late 1980s and into the early 1990s. Although Cronos fell-out with his band mates, taking Venom through an alternative line-up, he reformed with them for one album. This was to seal their permanent separation. Even though Chronos is as passionate about Venom as ever he still has warm memories of those ground-breaking early days.

If these opening paragraphs sound familiar it’s because in 2019 I reviewed the deluxe vinyl boxset of In Nomine Satanas. This release is a 6-CD + DVD Boxset version of the same release, via BMG. Included are Venom’s original Neat Records releases: Welcome to Hell; Black Metal; At War With Satan; Possessed; Eine Kleine Nachtmusik (Live); and Sons of Satan – as well as the Black Metal (Deluxe Edition) 7th Date of Hell – Live at The Hammersmith Odeon, 1984. There are also new interviews.

The studio albums track listing is: 'Sons of Satan'; 'Welcome to Hell'; 'Schizo'; 'Mayhem with Mercy'; 'Poison'; 'Live Like an Angel'; 'Witching Hour'; 'One Thousand Days in Sodom; Angel Dust; In League with Satan; Red Light Fever; Black Metal; To Hell and Back'; 'Buried Alive'; 'Raise the Dead'; 'Teacher’s Pet'; 'Leave Me in Hell'; 'Sacrifice'; 'Heaven’s On Fire'; 'Countess Bathory'; 'Don’t Burn the Witch'; 'At War With Satan'; 'Rip Ride'; 'Genocide'; 'Cry Wolf'; 'Stand Up (And Be Counted)'; 'Women, Leather and Hell'; 'Aaaaaarrghh'; 'Powerdrive'; 'Flytrap'; 'Satanachist'; 'Burn This Place (To the Ground)'; 'Harmony Dies'; 'Possessed'; 'Hellchild'; 'Moonshine'; 'Wing and a Prayer'; 'Suffer Not the Children'; 'Voyeur'; 'Mystique'; 'Too Loud (For the Crowd)'; Plus live tracks, demos, and church hall rehearsals. 74 tracks in all.

Original Black Metal (sometimes known as Extreme Black Metal) is quite different to the current form of Black Metal , which is much closer to a dark Pagan Metal. As a long-time Metalhead I have enjoyed many bands from different sub-genres; however, you can’t like everything. I had previously heard some of Venom’s output but never really gelled with their format, and that’s still the case now. I’m well aware of their music and influence on a host of subsequent emerging bands though. They still maintain a host of fans, and are revered by bands such as Celtic Frost, Behemoth and Metallica.

The limited edition vinyl boxset of these albums is undoubtedly more collectable containing, as it does, additions such as a very nice colour book, posters, a shaped picture-disc and other items. However, if you’re not into vinyl check out this very nice CD boxset. The cover presentation has wood-effect artwork in line with the design for the vinyl set released in 2019. This is assuredly a treasure for the existing fanbase and curious newcomers. There’s no better way to trace the legacy of the band from its 1979 church hall rehearsals in 1979 to the Possessed album in 1985 and the following year’s live recordings. And for those collectors there is a separate 40th anniversary release of the album Black Metal on silver and black swirl coloured vinyl.


Ty Power

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