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It's all in my Head


Artist: Yumi and the Weather
Label: Miohmi Records
RRP: £13.99
Release Date: 23 September 2022

Miohmi Records release Yumi and the Weather's new LP It’s all in my Head, 10 (35 min, 48 sec) tracks of illuminescent indie-rock. Yumi offers ruminations on her inner psyche and candid reflections of the psychiatric care she received during a period of her life in which she was repeatedly sectioned...

From a dark place comes a thing of positivity. It's all in my Head is a powerful, well balanced collection of infectious and engaging songs that will really do a number on your head.

'Howl', for example, really sticks in your mind, rattling around in your head long after the music has ended. As the album rumbles on you really do get a sense of Yumi's personality, her struggles and this feels like her was of vanquishing those demons.

It's a force for good... and it doesn't hurt that it's an addictive, upbeat collection of deep songs.


Nick Smithson

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